12v DC Panel


How to operate the Power Panel your Hanvey Grooming Van.

This video demonstrates the function of the 12 volt DC Power Panel and the Inverter Switch along the back wall of the salon section of the van:

Power Panel

The Power Panel for your 12 volt power system is located on the lefthand side of the back wall in your grooming area. The top switch on this panel is your "master" switch and when it is turned off, everything else on the panel shuts off as well. You'll want that switch turned on in order to use any of the switches below. Your lights, water pumps, vent fan, and heater are all controlled on this panel and if you have an Everwarm System, it is also controlled here. To use your Everwarm overnight, you'll need to leave the master switch on and just turn the lights, pumps, etc... off on their switches instead.


It's a good idea to turn the Power Panel on at the start of your day and off at the end of your day and not back and forth in the meantime. Turning things off between grooms doesn't save you any power and just puts wear and tear on the switches that can easily be avoided by leaving things alone during the day.

Inverter Switch

To the right of your Power Panel is a small power button. This turns your Inverter on and off. When the Inverter is on, the green light on the switch will come on and you'll have power to all of the 120 volt equipment in the van. That covers anything that plugs into a three prong outlet.

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