Breaker 2


How to check the black breaker boxes in the back of your Hanvey Grooming Van.

This video shows where your breaker boxes are in the back of your van and how to reset them if they trip. Your rear breaker boxes are located in the very back of the van on the wall directly across from you on the righthand side. When the inverter is on, these breaker boxes should have power and the red switches on them should be lit.

If you experience sudden power failure on specific equipment like your Dryers, HairVac, etc... it's a good idea to check these breaker boxes to make sure that they're getting power and functioning properly. If the red switch on either box is not lit, simply turn it to the "off" position, wait five seconds, and then turn it back to the "on" position. This should fix the issue.

If neither switch is lit, check to make sure the inverter is turned on.

Breaker Box 2 holds the HiV Dryer, Front Outlets, Bathing Beauty, and Rear Outlets. Equipment is placed in certain outlets to balance power draw and avoid pulling too many amps on one box for safety purposes.

You should only need to check this if you've experienced sudden power loss in your van.  If you need further assistance on this topic, email us at support@gohanvey.com or call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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