Shoreline Breaker Box


How and when to use the Shoreline and Dedicated Ports on your Hanvey Grooming Van.

This video demonstrates the function of the Shoreline and Dedicated Ports located on the back passenger side of the van:

Shoreline Port

The Shoreline Port is where you'll plug the van in to charge overnight and provides a backup source of power if your electrical system has a malfunction. You can plug into this port using the provided extension cord or another extension cord with a rating of 15 amps. You'll plug the other end of the cord into any three prong outlet on a 15 amp circuit. When the Shoreline is plugged into a power source, the red lit switch on the Shoreline Breaker Box (located inside the back of the van to your right) will come on and anything plugged into it will get power. This will cause the Inverter to charge your batteries and, if you have one, will also activate your Inline Tank Warmer.


Always make sure your fresh water tank is at least half full before plugging in your Shoreline Port to avoid damaging the Inline Tank Warmer. Damage to the Inline Tank Warmer caused by improper use is not covered under any warranty.

Shoreline Breaker Box tripping during tank warming and night charge.

Your inverter settings may have reverted to factory default settings and your “search mode” or “sleep mode” may be activated. Use the Inverter video in the section below to verify or correct your inverter settings.

If your inverter basic settings are correct, you may have something adding load to the inverter. The tank warmer and inverter together are pulling almost 15 amps from your house during charge. This box is intentionally designed to trip before you trip the house circuit just in case you have to shoreline at a customers house you will trip the box rather than their house circuit breaker.

Dedicated Port

The Dedicated Port on your van allows you to provide power to the black dedicated outlet under your switch panel in the salon. You can use this for night heaters, additional dryers, or anything else with a high amp draw.

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