LIPSystem Hammock

How to Use: Full Suspension Hammock


The safety of any animal being groomed is the responsibility of the groomer. Never leave an animal unattended while using this product. Be mindful of the animal's safety and comfort at all times during use. If you ever feel that the animal's safety is at risk, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY.


Secure the Hammock with the velcro strap to keep animals safe while suspended. Ensure proper fit on animal to avoid restricting bloodflow or causing discomfort.


Use with grooming loop for animals that bite or struggle. Change snap locations to access different areas of the animal's coat.


Place the dog's front legs into the smaller holes located at the front end of the Hammock and attach the suspension chains together across the dog's back to hold the hammock up and on the dog. The smaller hammocks may have identical sized holes, in which case the end with only one grommet at the top is the front end.

Place the rear legs into the remaining sling holes and lift the rear end of the dog and attach both ofthe suspension chain snap hooks to the desired eyebolt on the top bar of your LIPSystem or on a hanging set of QuickLinks.

Lift the front end of the dog and attach both remaining snap hooks to another appropriate eyebolt on the top bar or a link on a hanging set of QuickLinks.

If you are working with a short dog and want to have the dog suspended closer to the table top, attach a standard #7 QuickLink (supplied with the LIPSystem) to the desired top bar eyebolt and atach the hammock QuickLinks to a link on the #7 QuickLink that gives you the desired suspension elevation.

Now experiment with hook-up variations until you find one that best fits the particular dog being suspended. In most cases, you will suspend from the two center eyebolts.

Also move the chain connection to different grommets to get the best fit for that particular dog.


You can wash your Hammock and Hip Support harnesses in a washing maching, but make sure to remove the QuickLink Chain sets or damage may result from the chain or snap hooks.