LIPSystem Belly / Chest Support

How to Use: Belly / Chest Support


The safety of any animal being groomed is the responsibility of the groomer. Never leave an animal unattended while using this product. Be mindful of the animal's safety and comfort at all times during use. If you ever feel that the animal's safety is at risk, discontinue use IMMEDIATELY.


Ensure proper fit on animal to avoid restricting bloodflow or causing discomfort.


Use with a grooming loop for animals that bite or struggle. Use as a chest support for animals with difficulty supporting themselves. Use the "over/under" method for use without a grooming loop.


To put this support on a dog, release one of the snap hooks from the end of a strap. Place the strap under the belly and reconnect to close the loop. Attach the top snap hook to the approprite height on a hanging QuickLink Set. Place support around dogs' chest or around the neck allowing one leg to be inside the support. We call this the "over/under" method as the strap goes over one shoulder and under the other. This stops dogs from choking themselves by putting their weight on their chest and not their neck. Move the support to the rear of the dog to prevent sitting and spinning.


You can wash your Hip Support harnesses in a washing maching, but make sure to remove the QuickLink Chain sets or damage may result from the chain or snap hooks.