Base Plate Whiskers


Base Plate Whiskers

This video demonstrates how to remove and install the Whiskers for your HairVac Base Plate:

Remove the blades from your clipper and detach the Suction Head for your HairVac Hose from the Base Plate.

If your old Whiskers are still in your Base Plate, pry them out of the Base Plate grooves, cut off the ends, and pull them out of the Base Plate.

Insert the blunt ends of the new Whiskers into the retention holes at the front end of the Base Plate and pull them snug.

With a lighter, heat up the blunt ends until they form beads, let them cool, then tuck the new Whiskers into the Base Plate Grooves.

Reattach the Suction Head by sliding it from the front end of the Base Plate backward until it sits where you want it and reinstall the clipper blades for use.

This only needs to be done when your current Whiskers are worn out. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

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