First Time Setup

How To Set Up Your Hanvey Grooming Van For Active Use

Transport Delivery
Before your van is picked up for shipping Hanvey performs a complete winterization process on the conversion.
This includes draining the conversion of water, charging the batteries and turning them off (if lithium).

When your new Hanvey Mobile Grooming Van arrives via transport, it is important to do a full visual inspection of the vehicle prior to signing the delivery paperwork.
If damage is suspected, please note it on the delivery paperwork and contact Hanvey.
Hanvey takes pictures of the van prior to shipping.
Verify the VIN number.

First Steps

Filling the fresh water
First, ensure the red-marked cord on the tank warmer is unplugged from the shoreline breaker box.
Attach the fill hose from the freshwater tank to a garden hose and begin filling the freshwater tank.
It’s a good practice to fill the freshwater tank to capacity until you become comfortable with your water usage.
There is a float valve within the tank to prevent overfilling. As the tank gets full, the float valve slows the water flow. The hose may become pressurized after filling, so it is important to disconnect the when filling is completed.
Do NOT plug the red-marked cord back in at this time.

Plugging in and turning on the battery
Plug in the shoreline cord to a 15-amp outlet where you will be parking the van.
Turn on the lithium battery by pressing the “ON” button. The lithium battery can take 30-60 seconds to complete its booting cycle. When on, the light around the on button will be green, and an audible clicking noise will happen.
Once the lithium battery is manually turned on, it remains on except when going on extended vacations or fully winterizing the vehicle. This will be covered in detail in a later class.

Tank warmer protocol
With the red-marked cord unplugged, the shoreline plugged in, and the battery on, verify that you hear the water moving through the tank warmer.
Allow it to run for a few minutes, checking to make sure there are no visible bubbles in the clear tubing attached to the tank warmer.
At this time, it is safe to plug in the red-marked cord.

Prime the water system
After completing the first steps, move into the salon and turn on the 12vDC Panel.
Ensure the “Fresh Water” switch is on and illuminated.
You will hear an audible noise from the Fresh Water pump as it starts priming with water.
Pick up the Rinse Hose and spray the nozzle into the tub.
Spray the nozzle until it reaches full water pressure and stops sputtering. It can take roughly 10-20 seconds.

Remove spare keys
It’s a good practice to remove the spare keys from the vehicle.
Remove one of the black keys from the lanyard. These open the toolbox. The lanyard is provided to prevent accidental locking of the key inside the toolbox
The silver door keys lock the bulkhead door.
The spare keys for the van are located inside the Hanvey bag hanging on the bulkhead door.

Turn on the vehicle
This is a good time to explore the front cab.
Connect a phone to Bluetooth.
Become familiar with the dash settings and find the Particulate filter and Coolant display.
** Remember you are likely plugged into shoreline at this time. Do NOT drive away! A good practice is to positonthe shoreline cord so that it can be seen through the side mirror on the passenger side.

Victron app
Install the VictronConnect app on your phone.
Ensure the Lithium Battery is “ON.”
Connect to all available devices as instructed by the app on your phone.
The BatteryPromay not be available in all conversions.
The default password to add the devices is six zeros. “000000”

Test Groom
Now its time to move in your equipment and supplies!
Before heading out with a full schedule, it is a good practice to groom a couple of dogs without time constraints to get used to the flow of working in the van, especially if you are new to mobile grooming.
Grooming pets in mobile is different than in a salon setting.

The Start of Each Day

Approach the van from the rear and open both back doors.

Ensure that the shoreline breaker box is on and the tank warmer is running.

Note the tank warmer temperature.

Check your freshwater level.

Close the doors and unplug the shoreline cord.

Go into the salon and turn on the 12vDC Panel and the Inverter.

Ensure loose equipment is secured, and the toolbox is locked.

Get in the front cab and turn on the vehicle.

In the salon, turn on the A/C unit and the heater if applicable.

Walk around the outside of the van, ensuring the shoreline is unplugged, and check the vehicle.

Common first day issues

The Coolant may need to be topped off after transport.

Make sure to unplug the shoreline cord before driving to your first stop.

It is common with those new to mobile that they use all available freshwater on the first couple dogs.


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