Metal Rinse Hose Leaking


How to repair a leaking metal spray hose

  • With a pair of pliers, loosen the metal threaded fitting from the black plastic collar.
  • Pull the rubber hose up out of the steel casing and re-insert the metal threaded fitting back into the hose so that the end of the hose is flush with the surface of the fitting.
  • Spray windex onto the section of hose with the fitting inside and down into the steel casing to lubricate.
  • Push the fitting into the steel casing until it won't go any further.
  • Use the pliers to grip the metal collar and continue to push the fitting into place with the palm of your hand so that the steel casing is touching the fitting.
  • Screw the black plastic back onto the fitting and your hose should be leak-free again!
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