Basic Operation

Stainless Steel Grooming Tub

This video highlights a few of the less obvious benefits and features of the Stainless Steel Grooming Tub in your Hanvey Grooming Van:

You'll find the "Little Dog Bathing Shelf" under the tub secured behind two bolts. These bolts help keep the shelf from sliding out of its storage compartment during travel, so make sure to put it back properly when you're done using it. You can position the shelf at one of three points in the tub, the most popular being the far right aligned position to easily walk small dogs from the table into the tub.

To drain your tub, simply press the air bulb on the wall labeled "Drain". You'll hear the drain pump activate and the water will slowly begin to drain out of the tub. There are two filter systems in place to keep your drain pump healthy. The first is the gray plastic board under the Bathing Beauty. To remove that board, simply lift it away from the bottom of the tub. Hair will get caught in the ridges to keep it out of the drain, so be sure to clean it off after each groom. To put it back, set it back down into the trough with the white spacer pointing to the right. Beneath the Bather Board is a filter basket that will catch any hair that gets past the board. You can take that out to clean it as well.

The spray nozzle in your Hanvey Grooming Van has a quick connector swivel to make using it easy on your hands and wrists. This swivel connector will eventually begin to leak at which time, you'll need to repair it, replace it, or remove it completely and attach the nozzle directly to the hose. Repairing or replacing it is easy and affordable. You should be able to find compatible "O rings" at your local hardware store. This is the most common repair needed. You should also be able to find the swivel connector itself at that same store if you need to replace it. If you can't find one locally, Hanvey can provide a replacement for you.

The caddy shelf over the tub makes an excellent "quick-draw" storage solutions for products and tools you need more frequently during the bathing process. It is not designed to be a storage device for your shampoos and works best as a "quick-draw" caddy. This is not only a more convenient use for you, but is also safer for the dog since you won't have to leave the tub as frequently and can focus more on the dog in the tub.

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