Tank Warming Recirculation Procedure

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Tank Warming Recirculation Procedure

This video demonstrates how to heat up your Fresh Water Tank before and between grooming stops if the water in the tank is too cold.

Turn the Water Temp Control knob as far as it will go counter-clockwise.

Turn off the Fresh Water switch on the 12v DC Panel and squeeze the Spray Nozzle until the water stops flowing.

Disconnect the Spray Nozzle and Quick Connector from the Spray Hose and connect the Spray Hose to the Fill Hose for the Fresh Water Tank.

Turn the Fresh Water switch back on and drive to your next stop. The water from the Fresh Water Tank will recirculate through the on-demand water heater in the van and warm up the water in the tank as you drive.

When you arrive at your destination, turn the Fresh Water switch off, disconnect the Spray Hose from the Fill Hose, reconnect the Spray Nozzle, and turn the Fresh Water switch back on.


Make sure to turn the Water Temp Control knob clockwise until it stops before using the water to bathe any animals. If the water is still not quite warm enough, turn the Water Temp Control knob 180 decrees counter-clockwise and wait 30 seconds with the water running and make "one hour" adjustments as if the Water Temp Control knob were the face of a clock until you find the perfect temperature.

Follow these instructions any time the water in your Fresh Water Tank is too cold. Especially if your Inline Tank Warmer didn't heat the tank overnight in the winter. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

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