Lithium Ion Battery

Brief overview of the Lithium Ion Battery

The Hanvey Lithium Ion battery is manufactured by Harris Battery. There are two different capacities, 7.5 KWH or 10 KWH. The larger battery is for our power groomers who work 12+ hour days or those who do exclusivly big dogs.

The Lithium battery is a "Maintenance-Free" battery. This means that it comes in a fully enclosed box that does not have to be opened or tampered with. It is still recommended that you check and verify connections of the electrical cables once a month to reduce the risk of damage from poor connections.

The Lithium battery has three buttons located on the top of the unit. The "ON" button is pressed to turn the battery on. The startup sequence will take anywhere from 30 seconds up to 1 minute to perform. When a power-on cycle has been performed with no errors, a green LED will illuminate around the button. The "OFF" button is pressed to turn the battery off. When a power-off cycle has been performed with no errors, all LEDs will turn off. The "RESET" button is pressed to attempt to cycle through the process if a fault occurs. When a fault occurs, the green LED on the "ON" button will turn off and the red LED on "RESET" will illuminate. Pressing the "RESET" button will attempt to clear the fault and return to an operational state.

If the power is off and the green LED is not illuminated, the inverter will not charge the battery. Powering off the battery should only be performed once the battery is fully charged and when the van is going to be left unattended for more than three days. If the battery is off and you try to run equipment, you could experience abnormal issues like lights flickering, or equipment being sporadic in operation.

This battery has been engineered for safety. It is a Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry, which is a more stable chemical structure that reduces the risk of fire and is more tolerant of overcharging than the Cobalt version of Lithium Battery, typically found in EVs. It is bolted to the back of the van so in the event of an accident it will be less likely to move. It also has a built in Battery Monitoring System (BMS) that will internally break the connection between the terminal and the battery itself if it detects any unsafe conditions.

If you encounter issues with the battery, go to the back of the van and press the "RESET" button. If the red LED returns after you press the button, email us at support@gohanvey.com or call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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