Victron Inverter

This page will go over the Victron Multiplus-II inverter and its functions

The Victron Multiplus II inverter is the device that generates the AC power for the equipment, as well as providing overnight charging for the battery bank when plugged into the shoreline. The inverter takes the DC power from the battery bank and converts it into AC power to power the outlets. The AC power comes out of the inverter output box, which powers breaker box 1 and breaker box 2. The breaker boxes then distribute power to the equipment.

The inverter is turned on and off through the silver push button beside the 12-volt DC Panel in the salon. There are lights on the front of the inverter to show the status of the inverter, as well as using the VictronConnect app to get real-time feedback via Bluetooth. By moving the ethernet plug from the "SWITCH" port to the "APP" port on the equipment board, you can use the app to turn the inverter on and off instead of the switch in the salon.

The inverter only charges when plugged into the shoreline. You will know when you are charging when the following conditions are met:

1) The shoreline is plugged in with the shoreline breaker box light illuminated.

2) The "Mains On" LED and either "Bulk", "Absorption", or "Float" LED are illuminated.

The Bulk/Absorption/Float LEDs tells you the charge state of the battery. Bulk is from 0-95% state of charge. This allows the inverter to send the maximum power into the battery. Absorption is the last 5%. During this stage, the power sent to the battery is lowered to avoid accidental overcharge. Float means that the battery has received a full charge and the system is monitoring the voltage to ensure and maximize battery life.

If you are having trouble with your inverter, connect to the inverter with the VictronConnect app and take screenshots of the details screens. Sometimes the inverter face panel will have flash LEDs. If it does this, grab a quick 10-second video of the flashing lights. Once you have all the information you can, email this information to support@gohanvey.com. You can also call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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