Daily Maintenance


Daily Maintenance

This video goes over the daily operational maintenance recommended for your Hanvey Grooming Van at the end of each day:


Before you plug the van up to charge, make sure to fill your water tank first. This is to avoid damaging the Inline Tank Warmer and is critically important as damage caused by improper use is not covered under any warranty.

Fill Fresh Water Tank

This should be the first thing you do at the end of each day because it takes the longest and you can set the tank up to fill while you clean the van and perform the remaining maintenance tasks. Fill the Fresh Tank by connecting the blue fill hose with black fittings to a standard garden hose. As the tank fills, you can watch the water level on the side of the tank where the plastic is exposed. If the tank overflows, don't worry. There's an overflow drain hose at the top of the tank, so the water will just drain out under the van once it reaches the top.

Drain Gray Water Tank

When draining your Gray Water Tank, make sure that you know your local laws regarding waste and gray water disposal and follow the rules for your area. This is one thing that you'd rather ask permission than forgiveness for. Some of our mobile groomers have arrangements with car washes and similar water-intensive businesses to drain their tanks while others empty their tanks in the driveway at home.

To drain the tank, connect a standard garden hose to the outlet port on the bottom of the Gray Water Tank. Make sure to have a hose specifically for this purpose and do not use the same hose you fill the tank with. Once the hose is hooked up, simply turn the valve on the port and let the water drain. Alternatively, you can use the short hose located on the Battery Bank box to connect the Gray Tank to the vent line port shown in the video to drain the water out of the bottom of the van.

Empty the HairVac

Spin the release knob on the wall behind the HairVac counter-clockwise until it spins freely and remove the hose from the port on the side. Swing the HairVac out toward you and release the latch on the bottom to dump out the hair into a trash can or bag. Close the lid, reconnect the latch, swing the vac back into place, and reconnect the hose. Spin the release knob clockwise until it stops turning easily and you're done!

Plug Shoreline in to Charge

Once again, before plugging the van in to charge, make sure you've filled your water tank. Plug a 15 amp extension cord into the Shoreline Port on the back of the van and into a three-prong outlet at your power source. Most of the time this is your house or storage facility. Check the Shoreline Breaker Box to make sure that the red switch lights up to indicate that the van is getting power to charge.

These steps should be followed daily for best results. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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