Weekly Maintenance


Weekly Maintenance

This video goes over the weekly operational maintenance recommended for your Hanvey Grooming Van:


Set a weekly reminder on your phone or computer to help keep you on schedule. These maintenance items work best when done on a regular weekly basis.

Clean Force Dryer Filter

The filter for the Force Dryer is located on the underside of the dryer behind the tub area in the van. To clean it, simply pull off any hair built up on the filter and gently pat the filter with the back of your hand or palm to knock off any excess or stuck debris. You can have the Force Dryer running to blow out any particulate that gets knocked loose on the wrong side of the filter.

Clean HairVac Filter and Interior

The filter for the HairVac is on the inside of the canister where you'll empty out the hair each day. Use a shop vac or similar vacuum system to clear the filter of any leftover hair and spray the entire interior with Windex. Wipe down the interior with a cloth and leave the Windex on the filter to dry overnight for a fresher scent. It's important to note that you don't need to remove the filter for this process, but if the filter does get removed at any point, make sure it is properly back in place before the next use of the HairVac. If the filter isn't properly installed, hair can get into the motor and cause serious damage to your HairVac.

Clean Fluff Dryer Filter

With the HairVac out of the way, you can find the Fluff Dryer filter in an intake bowl on the far side of the Fluff Dryer. Simply pull it out, knock out any dander or debris, and put it back in place.

Pull Excess Hair From A/C Filter

The A/C Evaporator Filter can be put on a monthly cleaning schedule, but shouldn't be cleaned more than once a week. The hair that builds up on the filter actually improves its function and makes the A/C work better for longer without service. If you leave this filter alone, eventually the hair should fall away on its own. When you do clear the hair from the filter, use the vacuum to do so and don't remove the filter unless you absolutely have to. The more you handle this filter, the sooner it is likely to be damaged.

These steps should be followed weekly for best results. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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