Fresh Water Tank


The freshwater tank is your tank that holds water that will get pumped into the tub through the freshwater pump. This tank holds 65 Gallons of water. This tank has a built-in overflow and shutoff float valve to prevent overfilling and spilling water inside the conversion. This tank should be filled at the end of every workday to prepare for the next day and allow the inline tank warmer to work as intended.

To fill the tank connect a garden hose to the fill hose attached to the tank. Turn the water on and fill the tank. Once it is full, turn the water off and disconnect the garden hose. Some spillage may occur when you disconnect the garden hose from the fill hose.

The freshwater tank has four connections on the top of the tank. One off to the left by itself is the emergency overflow. The other three are the fill hose, the inline tank warmer, and the pickup to the freshwater pump, in order from front to back as you are looking at it. The pickup must be in the correct port as on the inside of the tank this port has a pickup straw. If you connect the pickup to one of the other ports, it will not be able to pump the water out of the tank to the rinse hose.

You may also want to physically clean the inside of the tank with a brush or pressure washer. To do so you will first need to remove the tank. To remove the tank, empty the tank of all water. Once complete, turn off the freshwater pump. Disconnect the pickup hose from the tank. Disconnect the emergency overflow hose. Unplug the blue and red cables from the shoreline breaker box and feed them through the shelf support back to the plumbing side. Take the end of the fill hose not connected to the tank and temporarily screw it into the pickup port. You can now unscrew the lid and using proper lifting technique, pull the tank out of the van. Once done you can reinstall the fresh water tank by repeating these same steps but in reverse.

You should only remove the tanks from your van when you're doing a deep cleaning, need to access the area behind the tanks or have an urgent need to remove them. This should not be a frequently performed task. If you need further assistance on this topic, email us at support@gohanvey.com or call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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