Drain Tank


The drain tank, also referred to as waste or gray water, is your tank that holds dirty water that goes down the drain in your tub. This tank holds ~40-45 Gallons depending on the year model. This tank has a built-in overflow to prevent overfilling and spilling waste water inside the conversion. This tank should be emptied at the end of every work day to prevent the water inside from going rancid.

To empty the tank connect a garden hose to the ball valve on the bottom of the tank and then open the valve. You can also have it empty straight to ground by connecting the short hose provided at delivery to the overflow vent.

Over time the tank may start to smell or start turning black from deposits lining the inside of the tank. At your discretion you can add some chlorine tablets or a couple cups of bleach directly into the tank through the lid on top of the tank. DO NOT put these chemicals down the drain! Doing so can cause permanent damage to the drain pump and voids its warranty.

You may also want to physically clean the inside of the tank with a brush or pressure washer. To do so you will first need to remove the fresh water tank, click the link for more detailed information on that. Once removed make sure the drain tank is empty then unscrew the drain hose from the front of the tank, the vent hose at the tank of the tank, and a third hose behind the tank that goes to the drain under the tub. Be careful with the last hose as there may still be water in the tubs drain. With all three hoses removed and tank empty you can unscrew the lid to use the opening as a handle and pull the tank out from the van to clean it. Once done you can reinstall the drain tank by repeating these same steps in reverse.

You should only remove the tanks from your van when you're doing a deep cleaning, need to access the area behind the tanks, or have an urgent need to remove them. This should not be a frequently performed task. If you need further assistance on this topic, email us at support@gohanvey.com or call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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