Testing Terminal


Each Hanvey van comes with a testing terminal. The purpose of the testing terminal is to provide the groomer access to the fuse and other electronic devices that may need testing without having to physically get to the device.

Hanvey color codes and labels each terminal on the testing strip. The ground will always be green and the one closest to the rear of the van. Others will be identified by a color on the terminal and a label above to signify which component it goes to.

The test terminal will often be used by Hanvey technical support to help troubleshoot and diagnose electrical problems. To use the Testing Terminal you will need a multimeter, one is provided in the Hanvey tool bag with each van. With the multimeter, you will insert the metal end of the multimeter leads, Red and Black, into the screw on the test terminal at the section informed by the technician. It does not matter which screw upper or lower you pick, as long as the metal from the probe is touching the metal of the screw.

If you think you are experiencing an electrical issue you can get readings from each terminal, with the van running, and have those ready to report when you call in or add them to an email to expedite the troubleshooting process with our technical support staff. You can send emails to us at support@gohanvey.com or call 864-269-2912 and press 2 for technical support.

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