Coolant Boost Pump


Changing Your Coolant Boost Pump

This video details the process of swapping out the Coolant Boost Pump in your Hanvey Grooming Van:


Watch this video and read these instructions entirely BEFORE attempting to follow along. If you feel uncomfortable performing this part replacement yourself, contact a service professional for assistance.


Make sure the engine is cold before attempting to follow these instructions. Hot coolant can burn and injure you. If you are not comfortable performing this part replacement, contact a service professional for assistance.

Open then close the radiator cap in the engine compartment of your van to depressurize the coolant system.

Remove the Water Tanks from your Hanvey Grooming Van. Follow video instructions in Related Videos below for assistance.

The Coolant Boost Pump will be at the bottom lefthand side of the back wall of the Water Tank compartment underneath the heater unit in your van. Disconnect the Quick Connector on the pump's power cord. Slide the insulation back on the lefthand hose to expose the heater hose. If this hose feels warm to the touch, the engine is still too hot to perform this part replacement.

When the engine is cool, use a clamp to pinch the lefthand heater hose shut to minimize coolant spillage. NOTE: Spilling at least some coolant is unavoidable here. You'll want to set up a towel under the pump to catch any leaked coolant.

Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen the band clamp on the top of the pump connected to the copper pipe coming out of the bottom of the heater unit. Don't remove the hose just yet. Get the band clamp loose enough to slide on the hose, but leave it in place. Loosen the band clamp on the hose to the left until it can slide on that hose as well. When both band clamps are loose, pull the pump free from both connections. The hose on the lefthand side may be snug and you may need to twist or wiggle the hose to get the pump free.

With the new pump in place, reinstall the hose to the left first. Get the band clamp nice and loose on the hose and slip the hose onto the fitting on the pump. You may need to twist and wiggle the hose to get it securely in place. Position the band clamp on the pump side of the raised lip of the fitting and tighten it down with a flathead screwdriver. Repeat the process with the copper pipe and reconnect the Quick Connector on the power cord.

You should only follow these instructions AFTER you have been instructed to do so by a qualified Hanvey Representative. If you have any hesitation when reviewing these steps, immediately contact a service professional for assistance. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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