"I purchased your elevator table & the LIPSystem and wanted to tell you that it is awesome! It didn't take me long to figure it out once I got going. It makes grooming so much easier."  - Abby's Grooming Station

"The LIPSystem was even a breeze to put on. It rolls great. All I have to do is lower, have the dog walk on, raise it, & roll it to the tub. This table has paid for itself in the first week." – Telah

"Thank you, truly. I am 53 years old and graduated from groom school in February and have been grooming steadily since then. The difference this system has made in my life is truly wonderful. I can actually enjoy what I do now." –Brenda 


"I have had my bathing beauty for awhile now. I simply love it! It makes bathing so much more simple and it really gets the dog clean." –Dot

"There are no words when it comes to saying how wonderful and professional the Hanvey team is when it comes to taking care of their clients. Just got a few things upgraded and general preventative maintenance done on my 5yr old Hanvey sprinter. As always they went over and beyond to take care of me. Worth every mile to get here and every penny to keep van in great condition. Special thank you to Jeff and Lorraine."  -CHERYL


"We've had three Hanvey grooming vehicles and have had nothing but great success with them. We're looking to upgrade and didn't even consider shopping around. Hanvey is the only place we'll go. The staff is so helpful when you call with a question, regardless of how weird the question seems. They always have the answer. They know their products so well. And as many customers as they have, they always somehow know who you are (or at least make you feel that way)." -JULIE

"I love that Hanvey gave me customer support when I purchased one of their vans used. In fact Curtis told me about it being for sale. 4 years later I purchased a 2015 and this year added another new van. I love them and the staff. Always there when I need them! The van is functional low maintenance and state of the art design. You can’t go wrong!!" -DRU


"What can I say besides "Awesomeness at its highest level". This was a long process with the finance side of it, but my salesman/friend Jeff never gave up because he knew how bad I wanted a mobile van. They designed a beauty! They showed me every single thing on the van! Thanks, Curtis. I can't say enough how much I love the gifts i was given." - WILTON

"I am a business owner in Montclair, NJ where I provide my clients only with the BEST of the BEST! I have to say a huge THANK YOU to Curtis, James and Jeff for giving me top notch customer service at Intergroom! They were extremely knowledgeable in their products and when it came down to me closing the deal for a grooming table, James and Jeff went ABOVE and BEYOND by personally delivering it to my salon after the trade show ended, before hitting the road home to South Carolina! I am so pleased with my table and they even threw in a complimentary divider. You guys just earned yourself a forever client!  Thanks again!" -KELLY