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Grooming Vans

Browse our mobile grooming vans and see why owning Hanvey makes all the difference in growing your business!

Hanvey Sprinter
144 Wheelbase 2500 Mercedes Sprinter High Top
The Tried and True Classic Conversion

Hanvey Grooming Vans set a new standard for the mobile grooming experience. Enjoy reliable generator-free power and unmatched maneuverability in the industry's quietest, cleanest, and most innovative grooming van.

Conversion Benefits:

This precision-designed conversion includes an ergonomic floor plan, a 9ft roof clearance for access to most drive-thrus, and the easiest maintenance of any grooming van on the market alongside maximized fuel efficiency and minimized operating cost.

Hanvey Sprinter XL
170 Wheelbase 2500 Mercedes Sprinter High Top
The Expanded Conversion With an Adaptable Interior

Our 170 wheelbase van conversion provides a more spacious interior for groomers with a bigger vision for their business. Take advantage of our XL exclusive upgrades or use the extra space in a way that suits your specific needs.

Conversion Benefits:

All the benefits of the classic Hanvey Sprinter plus a larger interior and various optional floor plans including The Big Dog for a larger tub and table and The Dual Station for multiple groomer teams.

Hanvey Cat-Mobile
170 Wheelbase 2500 Mercedes Sprinter High Top
The Purr-fect Fit for Cat Grooming Professionals

This feline-friendly Hanvey van conversion includes specialty tools tailored for cats and offers optional upgrades for a more premium experience. 

Conversion Benefits:

All the benefits of the classic Hanvey Sprinter plus a feline-friendly design, more spacious floor plan, a Catty Shack Vac, a mini-tub with a removable platform, and a stainless-steel-topped work station.

FETCH CASH, Save Bones

Earn More
When you pull up in our Mercedes van you fetch a Mercedes price and you look the part of a professional groomer who commands respect.
Save More
Always feeling like your van is in the shop for maintenance? Not with a Hanvey van! With better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs, your van works for you, not against you.
Grow Faster
When you buy a Hanvey, you get business expertise, practical helps, ongoing training, and insider tips that will help you grow your business to the next level.
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Easy, Yet Simple
From the van's layout to the clippers and to our world-class accessories, we design your van's grooming experience from ground up to make you mobile and more efficient.
Less Fueling
Without a generator you save on expensive gas. In addition our customers say they visit 1-2 times every two weeks vs. every day in their older van.
Runs Quiet
Silent, green, and clean! Park in nearly any neighborhood without worrying about noise or fumes.
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