This coverage is for Bathing Beauty, Hairvac, LIPSystems, Tables and Dryers. This coverage also applies to this equipment installed in a Hanvey mobile grooming van.

Warning: Your Warranty coverage may be void if you do not follow these instruction carefully. Please read before you return an item.


All return items must have a Return Materials Authorization/Tracking number clearly marked on the outside of the box or Hanvey bears no responsibility for the item being returned. All returns that come in without an RMA number will be put aside and not processed until the owner verbally contacts a Hanvey representative. All items that do not have an RMA and placed in storage are not covered under any insurances of any kind.

Loss of items that do not have an RMA are the responsibility of the customer. Always insure RMA listed return items because our responsibility for the security of the items does not begin until we accept the package from the shipper. Never return by Postal Service without tracking number. UPS and FedEx are the best and only accepted methods of return shipments due to tracking abilities. 

Acceptable Return Address

Hanvey Engineering & Design, LLC.
111 Kayaker Way
Easley SC 29642

Phone Number: 864-269-2912

An appropriate return address will be given with the RMA number. We have three locations and only one can accept RMA packages. Please make sure you get the correct address from the your Hanvey representative.

Terms and Conditions

Our warranties cover defects in craftsmanship and materials and does not cover abuse, misuse, power surges and lightening damage.  

We reserve the right to change part designs without notification.

  • All hardware parts are covered under a 1 year warranty with the exception of motor brushes which are covered for 30 days or unless otherwise specified for other components.
  • Mounting Base Whisker breakage is not covered under any type of warranty and "Whiskers" can only be returned if found to be defective due to a production quality failure.
  • Industrial Brushless "Central"  Regenerative blower motors are covered for three years. Power surge damage is not covered.
  • All other motors "Brushed" and Brushless (Ametek Multiflow found in Elite Brushless) motors are covered for one year. Power source electrical surge damage is not covered.

The Bathing Beauty Warranty

The Bathing Beauty has several no warranty situations. Breakage of the nozzle tip due to dropping is not covered. If nozzle tip breaks, it must first be inspected by our engineer to verify type of breakage. If a defect is found to have caused the breakage, it will be covered. The bathing hose (gray) and wiring conduit hose (black) is not covered for dog chews. The Super Hi-Flex Bather hose that is occasionally recommended for persons with wrist/hand problems is only covered for 30 days. This hose is designed to be highly flexible and the flexibility is gained by thinning the walls of the hose. Typical life for Super Hi-Flex hose is about 9-14 months. The standard Hi-Flex hose is covered for one year. Typical expected but not guaranteed life for Hi-Flex hose is for the life of the bather unit. Manual for more details on bather warranty. 

 Damage to the pump due to overheating is not covered under any warranty. The Bathing Beauty will overheat if it is left running for long period of time with no water running through the system. A single or in some cases repeated overheating will eventually cause the rotating propeller to lock down due to damage to the motors bottom bearing/seals.

To help avoid this, do not place the air switch on the floor because it may accidentally be stepped on and turned on. The bather motor runs so quiet that you will not know it is on. Place the palm air switch on the wall, face of the tub or tub back splash to eliminate this possible problem. 

LIPSystem SS Warranty

LIPSystem SS (Stainless Steel) is covered under a life time repair and replace warranty for the original owner only. 

If a part of the unit is damaged (even if a dogs bends the posts), we will repair or replace the part at no charge. Simply call us for an RMA Tracking number and send us the damaged piece and we will repair or replace that part. We reserve the right to make the choice of repairing or replacing the damaged part. No loaner parts available. Spare back-up parts can be purchased. Shipping is your only cost and that cost is typically under $10.

Please note that we do not manufacture the flanges supplied with the LIPSystem so they are not covered under the lifetime warranty. The table flanges  have a one year warranty against defects only. If a flange is damaged due to a dog crashing the system or the table falling over or from over tightening the LIPSystem into the flanges, these types of failure are not covered under any warranty. Keep in mind that every part of the LIPSystem tubing, inserts and the threaded adapter that allows the LIPSystem to be twist mounted to the table flange are all covered for a life time as long as you own it.

If you sell it or buy a LIPSystem that is used, the warranty does not transfer to the new owner. No Exceptions. If you want to assure that you have no down time using your LIPSystem and you work with large dogs, we recommend that you purchase a spare back-up set of table flanges and threaded adapters to use while you original warranty parts are being processed.

LIPSystem Standard Warranty

The LIPSystem Standard white is cover under the same situations as the above LIPSystem SS, but for one year from the date of purchase.

No part on the LIPSystem Standard is covered under the lifetime warranty offer.

Table Top Surface Materials or Mats Warranty

Cuts, burns and normal discoloration due to use is not covered. Replacement includes a replacement mat and does not include installation or cost associated with the installation of the replacement mat. If discoloration of light colored  mats is a concern for you, purchase a removable cover mat  to protect the table top.

  • Lighted table tops – Bulbs are not covered.
  • Paint finishes are not covered under any type of warranty, written or implied.

The shipping and handling costs for ALL warranty replacement parts are the responsibility of the buyer.

All warranty items will be repaired or replace, at our discretion, with a new or reconditioned like item that is suitable for the service for which the original part was utilized. 

Variable Speed Add-on Modules for Hairvac Warranty

Elite or dryers are covered for 3 months. Failure due to operation at full speed using the dial rather than the full speed switch is not covered under any warranty. Turning the dial to 80% of full speed and up causes the electronics to run hotter. Using the "full speed switch" by-passes the electronics and directly applies voltage to the motor which also means the variable circuit will have less run time and run cooler resulting in a normal life expectancy of 1 to 6 years with 2-3 years being the normal span. A warning label has be placed on the variable to help you.

The variable speed control on the Hairvac is covered under the standard 1 year coverage.