Engine Maintenance


Engine Maintenance

This video gives a brief overview of what goes on "Under the Hood" of your Hanvey Sprinter and what you can do to keep it working smoothly.

To open the hood of the van, pull the release lever to the left of the van's gas and brake pedals and lift the hood by releasing the latch directly to the left of the Mercedes symbol on the grill. Make sure to secure the hood holder rod to the far left of the hood.


Make absolutely sure that you're putting the right kind of fluid into the right port.

Mistakes have been made in the past where people have put DEF fluid into their washer fluid tank, washer fluid into their coolant tank, and coolant into their DEF system. This is not a common occurrence, but it is a costly one. Make sure to pay attention when performing engine maintenance.


When topping off the DEF in your van, lay a towel across the engine compartment to prevent any of the DEF fluid from spilling into the compartment. The DEF fill port is at the very front of the engine compartment next to the passenger side headlight. Remove the blue cap that says "DEF ONLY" and pour the fluid into the port until you hear the "whooshing" sound that means it's almost full. Then put the blue cap back and tighten it down.


The coolant reservoir is located in the front passenger side of the engine compartment. It's the round ball-shaped bowl with the pink fluid in it. When topping off your coolant, make sure the engine is cool before removing the cap from the reservoir.


The oil fill port is to the right of the coolant reservoir. There's no dipstick in the engine to check your oil, so trust the van's computer to tell you when the oil needs attention.


If you ever need to jump start the van for any reason, you'll need to find the battery connection terminals. The red positive connection is shown clearly in the video and is inside a "mushroom" push cap. Push the cap toward the back of the van to expose the red positive terminal. The black negative terminal is on the far driver's side of the engine compartment and is exposed for easy access.


The blue capped container near the battery connection terminals is where you'll add windshield washer fluid. Be extra careful here as the washer fluid and DEF are both blue and you do not want to confuse them.


On the far passenger side of the engine compartment closest to the front of the van, you'll find a laminated card with information on A/C maintenance and repair. The most important piece of information on this card is a reminder to contact Hanvey before having any work done on your A/C for approval. Anything done to the A/C unit without prior Hanvey approval will not be covered under warranty for any reason.


Be careful when dropping the hood of your Hanvey Grooming Van. It is incredibly heavy and can injure you if you aren't careful.

These instructions are for situational use only and shouldn't be used unless necessary. If you feel uncomfortable performing any of the tasks detailed in this video, contact Hanvey or a service professional before continuing. If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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