Lead Acid Battery Bank


Monthly Lead Acid Battery Service

  • This video shows the proper method to perform your monthly maintenance on your Lead Acid battery bank in your Hanvey Grooming Van.
  • The Lead Acid Battery Bank is located in the back of your van in the black box under the HairVac.
  • To access it, you'll need to unlatch the HairVac to get it out of the way and undo the three "suitcase" latches along the top edge of the box.
  • Water Level Test:
    • Once you've opened the Battery Bank box, check the distilled water levels on each battery by looking at the orange battery caps and the indicator levels of each one.
    • If the red bobber on every battery cap indicator is visible, you don't need to worry about adding distilled water.
    • If any of the red bobbers is below the orange cap, it's time to fill all of the batteries with distilled water.
    • See the related video below for specific instructions on how to do this.
  • Battery Connection Test:
    • After you've checked your water levels and corrected them if needed, you'll want to check the battery connection temperatures to make sure that the connections are nice and tight.
    • Put the lid back on the Battery Bank box and make sure the van is turned off and is unplugged.
    • Turn both the Force and Fluff Dryers in the van on and leave them running for 20 minutes.
    • Set a timer on your phone to remind you to complete this test after 20 minutes have passed.
    • This is a great opportunity to take the time for some engine maintenance while you wait.
    • Once your 20 minute timer goes off, you can turn the Dryers off and return to the Battery Bank.
    • Touch each connection between the batteries and the copper bus bars to see if any of them are too hot to touch for more than a few seconds.
    • This process is completely safe.
    • If none of the connections are too hot to touch, your monthly battery check is done!
    • If any of the connections feel too hot, you'll need to tighten that connection.
  • Engine Maintenance:
    • While you wait for your 20 minute timer to go off, we recommend filling the DEF system in the engine of the van.
    • This is a preventative maintenance measure that can help you avoid costly repairs on the Mercedes side of the van.
    • To open the hood of the van, pull the release lever to the left of the van's gas and brake pedals and lift the hood by releasing the latch directly to the left of the Mercedes symbol on the grill.
    • Make sure to secure the hood holder rod to the far left of the hood.
    • Lay a towel across the engine compartment to prevent any of the DEF fluid from spilling into the compartment.
    • The DEF fill port is at the very front of the engine compartment next to the passenger side headlight.
    • Remove the blue cap that says "DEF ONLY" and pour the fluid into the port until you hear the "whooshing" sound that means it's almost full.
    • Then put the blue cap back and tighten it down.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE : Make absolutely sure that you're putting the right kind of fluid into the right port!
    • Mistakes have been made in the past where people have put DEF fluid into their washer fluid tank, washer fluid into their coolant tank, and coolant into their DEF system.
    • This is not a common occurrence, but it is a costly one.
    • Make sure to pay attention when performing engine maintenance!
  • You should be performing this maintenance process once per month regularly.
  • If you require further assistance, feel free to contact a representative at support@gohanvey.com or by calling 864-269-2912.
  • Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!
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