Basic Operation

Electric Elevator Table

This video discusses the warranty and care for the table in your Hanvey Grooming Van:

The bases for our Electric Elevator Tables are manufactured by Ascot Grooming Products and carry a one year warranty through their company.


The foot pedals for up-and-down control are intentionally oriented in the outward position as a safety measure to keep dogs from sitting on the pedals and injuring themselves on the table. Do not, under any circumstances, change the orientation of these foot pedals.

The table top on your Electric Elevator Table is manufactured by Hanvey. It carries a one year warranty and can be easily cleaned using Windex and a scrub brush.

The LIPSystem Grooming Arm on your table is covered in a separate video. See the Related Video below for more details.

If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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