Force & Fluff Dryers

Basic Operation

Force and Fluff Dryers

This video goes over the basic operation of the Force and Fluff Dryers in your Hanvey Grooming Van:

Fluff Dryer

Turn the Fluff Dryer on by pressing the air bulb labeled "Fluff" on the wall between the tub and table. The hose for this dryer is mounted to the left of the tub and can act as a hands-free dryer with the cone nozzle positioned at a distance from the dog for maximum effect.

Force Dryer

The Force Dryer air bulb is right above the air bulb for the Fluff Dryer. The hose is mounted under the table by two clips for easy storage. This is the high force dryer and it's designed to be highly energy efficient with a soft start motor to reduce strain on the power system. The nozzle on this hose will be the hybrid medium-flat nozzle and can be interchanged with the cone nozzle on the Fluff Dryer or the flat nozzle on the wall behind the tub.

The three dryer nozzles all have different intended purposes. The flat nozzle is for water stripping and acts as a sort of squeegee to get the bulk of the water out of the coat quickly and efficiently. The cone nozzle is for turbulent, high velocity air flow and fluff drying. The hybrid medium-flat is a sort of best of both worlds nozzle that has the turbulent force of a cone nozzle with the directional air flow of a flat nozzle and is a great all-purpose tool. All three nozzles can be interchanged on either dryer in your van.

More videos on using the Force and Fluff Dryers are on the way. If you have any suggestions or requests for instructional content, contact us here and let us know.

If you need further assistance on this topic, please call our office line at 864-269-2912.

Thank you so much for being the most important member of the Hanvey Family!

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