Electric Table
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The Hanvey Electric Table holds up to 250 lbs and has an adjustable height range of 6.5”  to a maximum of 41.5” above the floor to accommodate the smallest dogs and the tallest groomers. The marine grade pebble finish has a comfortable texture, is water resistant, and won't snag your clothes while the cabinet grade birch wood core ensures long life and structural strength.

The Hanvey Edge
Smooth Ride
The height adjustment on our Electric Tables is smooth and seamless from a low of 6" from the floor to a high of 42" for the tallest groomers or the smallest dogs.
Snag-Free Finish
Our heat-fitted pebble finish not only provides comfortable texture and water resistance, but also eliminates the need for screws and staples that snag clothing.
Long Lasting
Hanvey uses premium quality materials like our one inch thick cabinet grade birch wood core and our marine grade finish for the longest lasting and easiest to clean tables.
Safety First
Hanvey Electric Tables position the foot pedals outward rather than up-and-down to eliminate the risk of an animal sitting on the pedal and injuring themselves.
What Comes In The Box
  • 1 Electric Grooming Table w/ Three-Prong Cord
Product Details:
  • 110 volt  1.4 amp
  • 36’ or 42” (blue / shark)
  • 250 lb capacity
  • 9” low to 45” high with wheels
  • 6” low to 42” high without wheels
  • The 250 elevator is the lowest price on the market
  • This is high enough to eliminate bending all together and is perfect for the 5’11” and taller groomers.


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Replacement Parts
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Can I simply purchase a Hanvey Table Top from Hanvey Engineering?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to offer the best and most affordable replacement table tops in the industry. Made of 1” cabinet-grade plywood and covered with a marine-grade material that is both slip and water resistant, your Hanvey Table Top is sure to last you many years.

Can this product be shipped internationally?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to be able to serve groomers worldwide. Our equipment is currently being used in many different countries! If you would like to place an international order, please call our office anytime Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST or email us at info@hanveyengineering.com.

How long will it take for me to get this item?

Hanvey Engineering strives to get your orders out the door as quickly as possible. The typical turnaround for most orders is 24-48 hours within regular business days.

How much weight does the Hanvey Electric Table hold?

The Hanvey Electric Table will hold up to 250 lbs.