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Why Hanvey?

Hanvey is your best choice! paws down.

Your customers and their pets are your priority. Don't let your van take away your focus with high costs or downtime. With a Hanvey van, we make your job faster, easier, and more profitable! Each Hanvey van is engineered for mobile grooming from the ground up, becoming a groomer's coveted sidekick! Blending quality materials with the latest technologies, we offer a clean, green, and "fit to be seen" machine (ok, that was a little rhymey) that's affordable whether you are just starting out or you have a fleet of grooming vans.

Hand holding money
Make more money in a Hanvey van
When you pull up in our Mercedes van you fetch a Mercedes price and you look the part of a professional groomer who commands respect.
Intentionally designed for "easy"
From the van's layout to the clippers and to our world-class accessories, we design your van's grooming experience from ground up to make you mobile and more efficient.
Rocket ship surrounded by money
Owning a Hanvey is like rocket fuel for your business
When you buy a Hanvey, you get business expertise, practical helps, ongoing training, and insider tips that will help you grow your business to the next level.
Save on gas
Without a generator you save on expensive gas. In addition our customers say they visit 1-2 times every two weeks vs. every day in their older van.
Lower your operating costs
Always feeling like your van is in the shop for maintenance? Not with a Hanvey van! With better fuel economy and lower maintenance costs, your van works for you, not against you.
Battery charging
No generator
Silent, green, and clean! Park in nearly any neighborhood without worrying about noise or fumes.
Hanvey vans hold their value
Reselling your Hanvey van means you put more dollars back into your pocket and get a better ROI after years of use.
A premium Hanvey van costs less than competitor vans
What? Yes, you heard right (and the math backs it up). Our long-lasting Hanvey vans cost less than others in the market, with lower monthly payments than others and payoffs often occurring early!
Should you buy? New Or Used
Is it really worth buying new? Consider the benefits for yourself and the hidden costs you may experience in buying used.

Benefits of buying NEW…

  • Your business depends on being mobile. Downtime is real, and you don't want to be stuck waiting on your van to be repaired.
  • Avoid extra maintenance expenses and save trips to the gas station. Putting another $1,000 into your van every couple of months for maintenance or spending more on gas cuts into your profits.
  • Get a lower interest rate on new vs. used!

Risks of buying used…

  • Used vans are often less reliable, especially when you depend on them for your business.
  • While sometimes cheaper to buy outright, used vans often come with a lot more ongoing maintenance costs, reducing the savings you thought you would have on buying used.
  • Your interest rate is actually higher on a used vehicle with shorter payment terms (ex. your monthly payment is often the same on a new van over 72 mo. vs. on a used van at the typical 48 mo.).

"Our superior design and tomorrow's technology gives your mobile pet grooming studio the added benefit of optimal performance and ultra-low maintenance."

— Curtis Hanvey Jr.
Why Mobile?

Mobile is here to stay. Own it.

With mobile grooming, you can work smarter, not harder, and grow your business faster without costly overhead!

Go where customers are.
You don't have to wait for customers to show up at your door. You can go to them!
Invest in an asset you own and can sell.
Owning a Hanvey van means you have a premium asset you can turn around and sell in the event you change directions.
Enjoy better flexibility with no long-term leases.
Instead of expensive storefronts that depend on easy parking, make your business more convenient for your customers!
Store front with money
Building leases are like pouring money down the drain.
Let's face it. Leases are expensive and cut into your bottom line. With a mobile grooming van, you can become more profitable! For example, grooming 5 dogs per day (which is easy for most groomers) at $200/dog, 5 days/wk, 50wks/yr, means you could make over $228k per year after subtracting van payments.
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