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The Hanvey Story

Our journey started with a "guilt trip"

"There was something special about helping his mom with her career, however, that sparked a different kind of passion in Curtis and led him to create Hanvey Engineering."

Curtis Hanvey Jr. graduated from Clemson University in Clemson, SC. He obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Materials/Ceramic Engineering and specialized in equipment design and glass production. He went on to work as a production/special project engineer for ten years at PPG Industries, a "Fortune 50" company located in Pittsburgh, PA, in the Fiberglass Division.

There was something special about helping his mom with her career, however, that sparked a different kind of passion in him.

She had begun a pet-grooming endeavor, and Curtis found himself designing and building grooming equipment after she introduced him to the Atlanta Pet Fair trade show in 1992. He recalls, "Yes, my mom put the guilt trip on me. Since I am her son and a design engineer, she wanted good, no, great tools and equipment to work with."

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The new LIPSystem was born to overcome the failures of the standard grooming arm and provide additional safety for both the groomer and the dog

Curtis started creating the first version of the LIPSystem because the old-style grooming arm kept falling and hitting her dogs across the head. It was not called the LIPSystem at that time.

"I really enjoyed helping her and really loved seeing that I could design away many of her hassles just like I had already been doing in my 'professional career' with PPG Industries," Curtis explains. Eventually, he left his position with PPG with a vision to provide the pet grooming industry with time-efficient, money-saving products that would revolutionize the groomer's workday, ones similar to the LIPSystem.

Curtis's dream and hard work led to the creation and establishment of Hanvey Specialty Engineering in 1995.

In August of 2010, Curtis transformed his company into Hanvey Engineering & Design, LLC with the help of his two sons, Christopher and Ryan. Both continue to bring to the table fresh ideas for future expansions of the Hanvey product line as well as developments in non-pet industry markets. Though the company bears a different name than originally intended, Hanvey Engineering & Design still represents premium quality and service that can be expected from anything labeled "Hanvey."

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Curtis expresses, "I have a way of finding what we call 'The Hanvey Edge.' Take out-dated designs and make them do things that have not been done before within that technology. 'The Edge' always revolves around the theme of reducing some stress and strain or everyday hassle that causes a professional groomer to experience that well-known occasional burn-out cycle. The 'Edge' can put the fun back into the profession. Any groomer understands what I mean by burn-out. It was just too exciting to see my mom tell me, 'I enjoy grooming!' My designs made a dramatic improvement."

Though Curtis admits that his mother is his strongest critic, he also firmly states that she is his "second half in the brainstorming process of grooming equipment design."

Not only is he determined to do everything he can to help groomers feel "less beat up at the end of the groom day" via his innovative products and systems, but he seeks to treat all of his clients as though they themselves are members of the Hanvey family.

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