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HairVac II
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Dramatically reduce your groom times with the Hanvey HairVac II! This model allows for two groomers to operate at one time and serves as a cost effective alternative for salons with multiple grooming stations. Groom more dogs per day and leave them with a more consistent finish. As you groom, the removed fur is vacuumed away for an easy cleanup, which also results in a more breathable work environment and a significant reduction in hair splinters. The HairVac is the quietest clipper vacuum on the market and includes full variable speed control for volume and air flow. No matter which clippers you use, the Hanvey HairVac is easy to use with our wide selection of clipper base plate adapters and ensures a wonderful grooming experience tailored just for you.

The Hanvey HairVac comes with a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee and a one year manufacturer warranty. We're confident that you're going to LOVE this product!

The Hanvey Edge
Variable Speed Control
100% variable speed gives you infinite airflow control for the ultimate flexibility in techniques and coat textures.
The Quietest System
The HairVac II's variable speed control tones the system's motor down during use to reduce its sound output.
Wall Mounted
The HairVac II is wall-mounted for safety and convenience, but also reduces the weight that the hose puts on your wrist.
Bottom Discharge
HairVac IIs empty in five seconds or less using a hinged door on the bottom of the unit keeping cleanup fast and nearly hands-free.
Swiveling Hose
Built-in swivels on both ends of the hose keep you from fighting tangles, kinks, and figure eights for an easier groom and a longer lasting hose.
Reusable Filtration
Our fabric Hepa filtration system is self-cleaning, removable, and reusable often lasting the full life of the vac unit.
So Much More!
Crush-proof hoses, cyclone technology, quick-release suctionheads, easy learning curve, etc... The list goes on and on.
What more can we say?
What Comes In The Box
  • 1 HairVac
  • 1 Hepa Filter
  • 1 Wall-mount Bracket
  • 2 8ft vac hoses with swivel connectors
  • 2 UltraLite Suction Heads
  • 2 Clipper Base Plate Adapters
Product Details:
  • Unit: (H) 31" x (W) 22" (with hoses attached) x (L) 15"
  • Power Cord: 5ft length
  • Hoses: 8ft length
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs
  • Voltage: 110 – 120 AC
  • Amps: 8.0
  • Capacity: 12 gallons (empties in 5 seconds)
  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty, 30 day satisfaction guarantee
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Can this product be shipped internationally?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to be able to serve groomers worldwide. Our equipment is currently being used in many different countries! If you would like to place an international order, please call our office anytime Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST or email us at info@hanveyengineering.com.

How do I control the air-flow at each station?

The HairVac II has air-flow regulator cuffs on the elbow swivels of the hoses for each station. You can set the master speed on the unit itself and adjust each hose as needed from the cuffs.

How long does it take to get used to this product?

The learning-curve can vary from groomer to groomer taking anywhere from days to weeks, but any groomer can learn to love this system! We're so confident in this statement that we're prepared to extend your 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee if needed.

How long will it take for me to get this item?

Hanvey Engineering strives to get your orders out the door as quickly as possible. The typical turnaround for most orders is 24-48 hours within regular business days.

How long will my brushes last?

The answer to this question genuinely depends on the way you use the system. Typically, brushes will last about 1 year. We recommend changing them annually by a reputable vacuum repair facility or by Hanvey Engineering to prolong the life of the unit and to prevent unplanned down-time.

How often should I change the filter?

Your Hepa filter should only be changed if it is damaged, torn, or has a hole in it. This filter should be cleaned as needed and can be hand-washed and air-dried. Our groomers have recommended keeping a spare on hand and swapping them out anytime they need to be cleaned.