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The Hanvey LIPSystem (Linked Interval Positioning System) is the original full-length grooming arm and the perfect assistant you’ve been searching for. Sturdy enough to endure a human’s weight, this is the safest and most effective tool to keep pets in place, securing both their front and rear while they're on the table. It offers three-point positioning support, granting you the ability to use Full Suspension Hammocks to easily trim nails and Geriatric Hip Supports to allow dogs that need additional help to stand comfortably during the groom. Get the ideal posture from every dog and give your best performance in a fraction of the time.

The LIPSystem comes with a 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime repair or replace manufacturer warranty on all stainless steel components.

The Hanvey Edge
Unmatched Stability
The LIPSystem is made of top quality stainless steel and is mounted to the table with a through-bolt flange kit allowing it to hold up to 250 lbs.
Safety First
Multi-point positioning provides support for both the front and rear of the dog so they can't stray from the middle of the table keeping both dog and groomer safe.
Link Interval Adjusting
The LIPSystem uses the Quick Link method for height adjustment allowing you to be faster and more precise without sacrificing the stability of your grooming arm.
Perfect Posture
By using front and rear positioning support, you can encourage the perfect stance for grooming with every dog without restraining or correcting them.
Easy Storage
The LIPSystem Top Bar lifts free from the Side Bars and the Side Bars simply twist away from the mounting flanges for easy assembly and diassembly.
Tons of Accessories
Hanvey's exclusive line of LIPSystem accessories work best on this grooming arm and include Geriatric Hip Supports, Full Suspension Hammocks, and more!
Lifetime Warranty
You'll never have to buy another grooming arm after the LIPSystem. All stainless steel components are covered by a repair or replace lifetime warranty.
What Comes In The Box
  • 1 LIPSystem Top Bar (Premium 304 14 Gague Stainless Steel)
  • 2 LIPSystem Side Bars (Premium 304 14 Gague Stainless Steel)
  • 1 Flange Kit w/ Hardware
  • 1 3-Piece Loop Set (small, medium, large)
  • 2 #7 QuickLink Chains
Product Details:
  • Height: 38" 
  • Width: 3/4"
  • Length: 35" or 40.5" (depending on table format)
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Material: Premium 304 14 gague stainless steel
videos & faq
Can I simply purchase a Hanvey Table Top from Hanvey Engineering?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to offer the best and most affordable replacement table tops in the industry. Made of 1” cabinet-grade plywood and covered with a marine-grade material that is both slip and water resistant, your Hanvey Table Top is sure to last you many years.

Can I use your Hanvey LIPSystem in my grooming van?

The Hanvey LIPSystem can be used in your mobile grooming van. Please call our facility to order so that we can get you the right specifications.

Can this product be shipped internationally?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to be able to serve groomers worldwide. Our equipment is currently being used in many different countries! If you would like to place an international order, please call our office anytime Monday – Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm EST or email us at

How does the Hanvey LIPSystem mount to my table?

The Hanvey LIPSystem comes with a flange kit so that you can mount to any table on the market today.

How long will it take for me to get this item?

Hanvey Engineering strives to get your orders out the door as quickly as possible. The typical turnaround for most orders is 24-48 hours within regular business days.

What is included in the purchase of a Hanvey LIPSystem?

The Hanvey LIPSystem comes with 2 sidebars and a top bar in the size you need as well as the kit to mount the bars to your table. Also included are 2 #7 QuickLinks and a 3-piece QuickSafe Loop set.

What is the warranty on the Hanvey LIPSystem?

Hanvey Engineering is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on the Hanvey LIPSystem. This will be the last grooming arm you ever have to buy! We are so confident in the Hanvey LIPSystem's ability that we gave it a lifetime warranty.