Bathing Beauty Hose and Connections


The Bathing Beauty is the first bathing system with a pump that cannot be tipped over by the bathing hose. Be aware that the rigid hose used on other systems will pull over any bather. The Bathing Beauty has a high flex hose system that will not tip the bather. Also be aware that some competing bather systems attach their hose to the top of their pump which typically will require you to do something to keep the pump upright while in use. Not so with your Bathing Beauty's low elevation hose connection port. The low elevation hose port in combination with the high flex hose virtually makes tipping impossible.

Comes with a specially-designed spray head that has a variable flow control valve so you can vary the bathing pressure form nearly 1/2 gallons per minute to a blasting high flow of approximately 10 gallons per minute of dirt, flake, and scab removal power. If you need the ultimateĀ in "flushing power", remove the sprayer head and control valve for a major blasting power of 16 gallons per minute.

For use with the Hanvey Bathing Beauty Pet Wash System only. This assembly is not designed to work with any other system.