Testing Fuses:

  • A quick guide on making sure your fuses are good in your Hanvey van!
  • Please note, this should only be performed after checking your alternator. The video on how to do this is linked below!
  • Take the multimeter from the back of the van.
  • Take the cover off the fuse panel on the drivers seat.
  • Turn the multimeter to the 2000 ohm (around 7 o'clock on the dial) setting.
  • Make sure the meter is working by touching the leads together and making sure the indicator goes from "1" to a number close to 0.
  • Touch one of the leads on each piece of metal exposed on the top of the fuse.
  • If the meter stays at "1", the fuse has blown and will need to be replaced.
  • Try a couple of times if you do get a "1" to ensure you didn't just miss the metal with one of the leads.
  • If you believe one or more fuses are blown, reach out to us at support@gohanvey.com or by calling 864-269-2912.
  • Thank you for being the most important member of the Hanvey family!

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